NFLPA wants to keep daily tests through season

NFL Players Association president JC Tretter is pushing for daily coronavirus testing during the regular season.

The NFL has been conducting daily testing for players throughout training camp and plans to do so through Saturday.

“In the spirit of adaptability, expect the NFLPA to push for modifications or updated recommendations — such as the continuation of daily testing — as the season progresses and new information becomes available,” Tretter, the starting center for the Cleveland Browns, posted on the union website.

“We will continue to rely on scientific data to inform our approach for combating this virus. As the science evolves, we will evolve with it.”

Tretter added he was pleased with the protocols the NFL and NFLPA agreed on for training camps. He tweeted encouragement about the process on Monday.

The league has reported few positive cases in the past month, though it did have 77 false positives a week ago that resulted from contamination at the testing lab.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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