FOKUS CLAN stays sharp through ACTIVAT3D partnership

FIFA focused esports organisation FOKUS CLAN has partnered with gaming supplement producer ACTIVAT3D

The collaboration between the two German organisations will see FOKUS CLAN supplied with ACTIVAT3D’s products.

Image credit: FOKUS CLAN

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FOKUS CLAN will use and offer feedback on ACTIVAT3D’s products including their currently available gaming supplement ‘Cyber Skills’ and potentially their next product, a vitamin and mineral supplement labelled ‘Bionic Shield.’ 

According to the joint release, ACTIVAT3D’s product sales will be age-restricted to people over the age of 18 and both companies have set the “goal of creating a generally better understanding and sense of responsibility for supplements.”

Klaus-Alexandre Werner, Founder and Managing Director of ACTIVAT3D is looking forward to the cooperation: “Esports players have become athletes and full-time professionals and accordingly deserve high-quality and well-designed nutritional supplements. Winning FOKUS CLAN as our first major partner fills us with both pride and anticipation. The boys are ambitious in sports, extremely respected in their community and what was important to us from the very beginning – they have a sense for product development, share their open feedback with us and so we drive each other to new heights of performance.

ACTIVAT3D is the best support on the way to become a bit better every day and to reach your goals – whether you are an esports player, a competitive gamer on the way to the top or an ambitious hobby gamer – when it gets tight on the virtual playing field, ACTIVAT3D provides the decisive advantage.”

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Spokesman for FOKUS CLAN Management, Hanspeter Tinner noted that “The cooperation with ACTIVAT3D offers us new perspectives and special added values on the level of sports performance for our players and the team. It is our claim to set new points of attraction again and again, especially in the sporting area, to see a further development in the team.

With ACTIVAT3D we have not only found a partner who also lives these values, much more we have worked together on the development of the first product lines, tested again and again, developed further, tested again until we reached the best possible result for us. FOKUS CLAN identifies with the values of ACTIVAT3D – together we want to revolutionize the supplement market in esports, make it healthier, more sustainable and more responsible.”

Esports Insider says: There are a lot of gaming supplement companies out there with products of varying quality. As a relatively new player on the supplement market, the local partnership between two German organisations is a decent way to develop close, collaborative results with a small but successful esports team. 

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