Bayes Esports closed $6M funding round

Berlin-based esports data company Bayes Esports has secured $6 million (£4.64 million) in its latest funding round.

Participants in the funding round included investment group Fertitta Capital and the Sony Innovation Fund.

Bayes Esports closed $6M funding round
Credit: Bayes Esports

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The capital raised will be used to assist in further expansion of its data and content offering through its platform. 

Jens Holgers, Co-founder and Managing Director of Bayes, discussed the expansion possibilities in a release: “With our two business units, we are able to provide a never-seen-before depth of data when it comes to professional esports tournaments and matches globally. This provides a great starting point for the creation of new services and products leading to greater entertainment offerings for the esports fans and community.”

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Bayes Esports Solutions was first established in January 2019 as a joint venture between Sportradar and DOJO Madness. Since its inception, the company has partnered with Riot Games, acquiring data distribution rights for League of Legends esports.

Charlie Pohlad, an investor in Bayes, also commented: “The collection, refinement and distribution of esports leagues’ data, combined with the provision of products on top of it, is necessary to further professionalize the esports ecosystem and grow the overall market. We have high conviction in the Bayes team, and believe that Bayes’ technology and esports data platform represent the best solution for all stakeholders to advance the industry at large.”

Esports Insider says: Having turned a profit in 2020, this latest round of funding for Bayes will enable further expansion of its data and content offering which will certainly benefit both suppliers and consumers.

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