Raptors unveil 3 new uniforms, while 2 remain a mystery

The Toronto Raptors unveiled Thursday three of five new uniforms they will wear during the upcoming season.

According to the NBA club, the jerseys “showcase simple but bold design, elements that weave together the lineage of previous uniforms, and a subtle nod to the franchise’s origins.”

Furthermore, the familiar “north” pointing chevron remains a key element of the latest editions.

The new Association and Icon Edition jerseys — white and red — both feature a chevron across the chest, “meant to symbolize the north, represent the team’s past achievements, and mark the path forward,” the Raptors said in a press release. 

The Statement Edition jersey is black with red accents and pays homage to the Raptors’ original dinosaur uniforms. 

Team president Masai Ujiri says the uniforms are both symbolic and stylish. 

“We want to give our players — and our fans — jerseys they’re proud to wear not just because they say Raptors on the front, not just because they’re a symbol of our city and country, but because they also look great. I think that’s what we’ve achieved with these,” said Ujiri.

The concept is a collaboration between MLSE’s in-house design team and Nike. 

The City and Earned Edition designs will be unveiled closer to the start of the upcoming season, the team said. 

Original article: https://www.cbc.ca/sports/basketball/nba/nba-toronto-raptors-new-uniforms-1.5763091?cmp=rss

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