ESPN In The Crease podcast: How to listen, episode guide and more

Hosts Linda Cohn and Emily Kaplan bring their hockey expertise and passion for the sport, discussing the latest news around the league as well as interviewing the biggest names both on and off the ice.

Longtime SportsCenter anchor Linda Cohn was the goalie on her high school boy’s team and has kept that love of hockey throughout her life. She is a host of “In the Crease” on ESPN+ as well. Emily Kaplan joined ESPN in 2017 covering the NHL and is known for her in-depth stories on athletes.

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Find the Positive Because Haters Are Gonna Hate!

Welcome to the debut episode of In The Crease! Hosts Linda Cohn and Emily Kaplan start off their first episode with all the news and major storylines hockey fans need to know heading into the 2021-2022 season. Linda even breaks some news regarding an ongoing story out of Minnesota. After that, Tampa Bay’s Steven Stamkos shares stories of his second time winning the Stanley Cup, he elaborates on his friendship with NFL’s Tom Brady, and more!

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