Coach reveals Darren Till suffered torn MCL at UFC on ESPN 14; fighter in good spirits

As expected, Darren Till did not walk away unscathed from his UFC on ESPN 14 fight with Robert Whittaker.

According to his coach, Colin Heron, Till (18-3-1 MMA, 6-3-1 UFC) suffered a torn MCL in the second round of the main event. Heron revealed the news to ESPN via text message Thursday.

“Torn MCL, doctors are amazed he was able to stand up for the last three rounds,” Heron said. “He is in a cast for six weeks then we’ll reassess. Hopefully it will start to knit while immobilized.”

Till’s injury was evident during the fight. In between rounds, Till was heard telling his corners that his left knee was bothering him. In the post-fight news conference, Till predicted he had blown out his knee.

“In the second round, he knee-stomped me … and it just blew my knee (out),” Till said. “My knee just went (out) under me. It crashed. That was it then for the whole fight. I just had to stay static and sort of just fight on it.”

In an Instagram post Thursday, Till seemed to be in good spirits. He thanked his supporters and haters, as well as Whittaker, for the spirited fight and mentioned he’s “got some time off from a certain knee from a certain someone” in jest. Till said he expects to be back this year.

What a week!
Just reflecting on my chess match of a fight with rob?
Enjoyed the competition,
Few things I hesitated on & should of capitalised.
It was a close close match as everyone said,
You could of gave it 3-2 me, 3-2 rob?
Either way is completely right I feel!
The 5th round the takedowns maybe didn’t count because I sprung back up each time therefore nullifying them…
But I ain’t crying over spilled milk.
Rob’s a terrific fighter & hats off to him,
We will get it done again.
As for me!
I’ve got some time off from a certain knee from a certain someone… rob? 😂
I told you all before this fight that I’m just getting started and I meant it…
I’m going to become the world champion
I’m going to become a legend
I’m going to become a role model for young aspiring fighters everywhere
& I’m gonna raw dog as much as I can 😂😂

As soon as I’m back this year I want to fight 2-3 times as quick as I can…
Thanks for the support, thanks for the hate.
Thanks for everything!!
ADELASAGNE!!! I’ll see you soon boi 💚
Thank you my team, my family & my friends for the support,
Especially @teamkaobon & @mtkglobal

The Gorilla…

Till has gone 1-1 since moving to middleweight. Prior to the loss to Whittaker (21-5 MMA, 12- 3 UFC), Till defeated Kelvin Gastelum by split decision in his middleweight debut at UFC 244 in November.

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