DWCS 28 video: Joe Pyfer suffers gruesome arm injury, grosses out Dana White in the process

Just when the Dana White’s Contender Series 28 featured bout was heating up, it came to a screeching halt.

After some back-and-forth action, Dustin Stoltzfus and Joe Pyfer entered a brief struggle in the clinch. Stoltzfus (13-1) finally was able to get a good grip and elevated Pyfer (7-2).

As the two fighters landed, Pyfer extended his right arm. Stoltzfus’ weight and momentum brought him further into the mat. As a result, Pyfer’s arm bent at a disturbing angle in the totally wrong direction.

The fight was waived off immediately. The replay was just as vulgar as it looked in real-time – if not more so. Watching it for a second time, UFC president Dana White squirmed in his seat.

“This sucks, bro,” Pyfer said, after to Stoltzfus on the official decision. It’s safe to say he wasn’t lying. That was truly gruesome.

Check out the gruesome conclusion to DWCS 28 (and White’s reaction) in the video clips below:

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