Video: MMA fighter taunts opponent, gets slept three seconds later

In MMA, we often see fights where Fighter X gets hyped or mad (for whatever reason) and throws his hands to the side, as if to signal to Fighter Y, “I’m right here! Let’s bang, bro!”

What we don’t usually see play out in this scenario is Fighter Y then knocking out Fighter X cold three seconds later.

And yet, that’s exactly what happened between Roman Dik and Levan Makashvili on Thursday at ACA 109 in Poland. Dik played the role of Fighter X, while Makashvili was Fighter Y and landed a splendid right-left hook combination that put Dik to sleep.

Check it out (via Twitter):

You never want to be Dik in this scenario – ever.

“Wow, Brian, you’ve got to be careful what you wish for!” one cageside commentator said to the other.

You can say that again.

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