Joe Solecki plans to train even in the hospital with baby on the way after UFC on ESPN 15 submission

LAS VEGAS – Joe Solecki beat Austin Hubbard with a first-round submission Saturday on the main card at UFC on ESPN 15 in Las Vegas.

Take a look inside the fight with Solecki, who won for the fifth straight time.

Solecki on the fight’s key moment

“The game plan was to fight for every single position. That’s why you can see in some of the spots where you’re fighting for underhooks and jockeying for position, in the past I may have let go and reset. We knew we had to fight this guy. He is an absolute warrior. I have so much respect for him. We knew it was going to be a three-round war if he made it that way. So fight for every single position was the strategy. If we could put him away, great, but that was never the plan. It was fight, fight, fight and make him give up something. And we did. I was pleasantly surprised and just very blessed tonight.”

Solecki on stopping Hubbard’s fast starts

“In the past, he’s been a little hesitant. That last fight, he came out fast and I read some interviews where he said he wanted to come out fast, but he couldn’t get his timing. I could kind of tell. I landed some shots right off the bat, so I felt like if I could hit him and then make him think I was going to take him down, I could start hitting him some more. That’s kind of what we did and we ended jockeying for position, clinched and that’s where I tend to do my best work I think, so it played right into my hands and I was just very fortunate.”

Solecki on what he wants next

“I like to stay active. I train all year long. I have a baby girl on the way, but I’m not going anywhere. I’m going to be training even while we’re in the hospital. It would be great to fight again sometime soon – a quick turnaround. I’ll be ready. I know that with this pandemic, guys are getting quick turnarounds and this is what we do for a living. So I want to work. I’m a workhorse, and that’s what I do best. Anytime they need me, I’ll be ready.”

To hear more from Solecki, check out the video of the full post-fight interview above.

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