Colts, Jets among NFL teams to cancel practices

The Indianapolis Colts, New York Jets and the Washington Football Team are among the NFL teams not practicing Thursday in response to the police shooting of Jacob Blake in Wisconsin.

The Jets’ practice field was set up for the usual start at 9:20 ET, and some staff members were seen walking the field — but it was confirmed at 9:24 that practice was cancelled.

The Colts said they will instead use Thursday ” to discuss and work toward making a lasting social impact and inspiring change in our communities.”

Blake, a Black man, was shot seven times by police on Sunday. Blake was shot as he attempted to enter the driver’s side door of his vehicle with three of his children inside. Video of the shooting was distributed on social media. The incident sparked more protests and caused more athletes to speak out or take action.

The Dallas Cowboys did practice, but coach Mike McCarthy said conversations with players will continue going forward as to what they should do.

“I have to be honest , it’s hard to sit here and to think I have to talk about football today, especially with everything that’s going on in our country,” said McCarthy, whose family lives in Green Bay, Wisconsin. “I’ve spent the evening, last night, listening and watching, everything that’s going on in the NBA, the WNBA, the MLB and across our league. These are unprecedented times in our country. …

“Spent a lot of time on the phone the last couple of evenings. It’s definitely concerning. Having friends and family back there [Wisconsin]. These times are unprecedented. Things need to change. I grew up in a home of public safety, but I mean, I just don’t understand why it keeps happening and I think I’m like everyone else. I don’t have the answers but things need to change.”

Washington made its decision to cancel practice on Wednesday night after coach Ron Rivera talked to new team president Jason Wright, a former player and the first African American team president in the NFL.

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