Bas Rutten, Georges St-Pierre, time travel – and dinosaurs? Check out ‘Karate Combat: The Movie’

The self-proclaimed “global leader in full-contact professional karate fighting” is taking on Hollywood.

Featuring UFC Hall of Famers Bas Rutten and Georges St-Pierre, not to mention noted actor Danny Trejo and a cameo from former UFC champ Lyoto Machida, “Karate Combat: The Movie” recaps a unique third season from the all-striking promotion.

“Karate Combat is on a mission to be the most entertaining and original sports-entertainment organization on the planet,” Karate Combat president Adam Kovacs stated. “We’re showcasing the world’s best karate fighters, but we’re having fun at the same time.

“Season three was literally a Hollywood-level multi-million dollar production and had our most intricate narrative backdrop to date, which is why we decided to put it all together into a single feature … which is unquestionably the greatest martial arts movie ever released by anyone, ever.”

Here’s the description of the 18-minute short, courtesy of the promotion:

In ‘Karate Combat: The Movie,’ St-Pierre is giving private lessons to Trejo when Rutten arrives in possession of time-travel technology which allows them to travel back several centuries to old Japan and explore the roots of karate before catapulting forward into the future, where Karate Combat has become the No. 1 sport on the planet.

At every stage of the journey – including a detour into the ‘karate boom’ years of 1980s Hollywood, viewers can witness real full-contact fights between Karate Combat competitors, including Louisianan welterweight champion Josh Quayhagen, lightweight champion Edgars Skrivers and Irish standout Eoghan Chelmiah.

Check out “Karate Combat: The Movie” in the video above.

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